Origins of the Marris Pedigree

The Marris line descends from a knightly ancestor who fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  The pedigree was registered in the office of the Ulster Herald in Dublin in 1940 and is today stored at the National Library of Ireland, 2 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.  One can order a paper copy by quoting Ref: GO MS 175 pp. 501-19.

In the introduction to the 1952 edition of Burke's Landed Gentry, the then editor L. G. Pine, in a special article on "English Pedigrees" (pp. xl – xli), wrote:

“Before leaving this subject of alleged Norman descent, it may be of interest to give those names which are known to us from contemporary or near contemporary documents, of persons who actually accompanied William in 1066, and were present at Hastings.  This list is drawn from a lecture given on 10th May, 1944, by Geoffrey H. White, to the Society of Genealogists and printed in their magazine.  The list is interesting as showing the names of Companions of the Conqueror which scholars have been able to find . . . The list was not put forward by the authors (nor by me now) as unalterable.  It is possible that it can be extended, but the fact remains that only 25 names are given derived from these reliable sources.  These names are:-

“Robert de Beaumont . . . Eustace, Count of Boulogne . . . <snip> . . . Erchembald . . . and Robert FitzErneis.”

Pine then added the following important paragraph:

“To this list I would add the name of Adelolf de Merc, ancestor of the Marris family in the present edition.  Details regarding Adelolf can be read in “The Lords of Ardres” by J. H. Round (Feudal England (1909), p. 462).”

More about Adelolf de Merc

Adelolf de Merc was a Domesday tenant of Eustace, Count of Boulogne.  After the Battle of Hastings, Adelolf received numerous manors in Essex and other places (see Domesday Book).

More about Otbert de Merck

Otbert was the father of Adelolf above.  Otbert received estates in Northamptonshire and probably Buckinghamshire. Some 35 years after Domesday in 1086, the Northamptonshire Survey (c. 1120) shows Otbert having been succeeded by Adelolf. 

30th July 2014