The Marris line c.1600 - 1700 AD

This part of the pedigree covers four generations:

  • Thomas Marris (1577/58-1614) who married 1) Anne Wilkin in 1599, and 2) Elizabeth Wells in 1613
    • George Marris (d.1683) who married Anne Teanbie in 1631
      • George Marris (b.1654) who married Ann Uppleby in 1679).
        • John Marris (b.1688) who married Elizabeth Wakelin in 1714

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The pedigree then continues through four of the sons of John Marris & Elizabeth Wakelin:

          1. John Marris (1714-1798) of Thornton Curtis, Lincs
          2. Charles Marris (1723-1784) of Keelby, Lincs
          3. Thomas Marris (1728-1794) of Croxton, Lincs
          4. William Marris (1731-1803) of Immingham, Lincs

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Another son of George Marris & Ann Uppleby (above) was Thomas Marris (d.1770) of Wrawby, Lincs.  He was the head of a large family of descendants which, due to its size, has been separated into a separate document - Click here for a Book Report (25 pp).

15th September 2014