The Marris Pedigree c.1400 - 1600 AD

This part of the pedigree covers five generations:

  • Thomas Marreys (d.1462/63) who married Katherine Hansart
    • Robert Marris (d.bef. 1487) who married Alice Carlton
      • Simon Marris (b.1458) who married Ellen Clarke.
        • John Marris (d.1552) who married Agnes Bell
          • George Marris (d.1605) who married 1) Unknown and 2) Alice Elsham

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After these five generations, the pedigree continues through Thomas Marris (son of the above George Marris).  See blue panel on the right (c.1600-1700 AD) for the continuation.

Two other sons of John Marris & Agnes Bell had large families. For reasons of size, they are shown separately below:

a) Robert Marris of Grasby (d.1591) - Click here for a Book Report (26 pp).

b) John Marris of North Kelsey (d.1604) - Click here for a Book Report (8 pp).

15th September 2014